September 2015 !!

Dear Friends , I am happy to share with you some news, updates and concerts dates in September as it seems to me like a busy , full of adventures month !
I’m staying the whole week in Vienna, Austria starting tomorrow with some great musicians to rehearse and prepare the lunch of my new project Syrian Links on the 3rd of September in Porgy & Bess, so if you are around join us on that date and enjoy it !
I’m leaving to Iran on the 9th to perform a series of concerts and workshops in the beautiful city of Tehran and I heard that they really have some great food over there , so I’m excited to do this with the amazing Ulrich Drechsler trio , but we will be back to perform in Austria on the 17th in kulturglashaus Baumgarten, Niederösterreich, Austria so join us if you can grin emoticon
on the the 19th I’ll join the Chameleon Orchestra in a big benefit concert in Traiskirchen Refugee camp as well as some other great musicians and projects from all over Austria
and then I’ll be back to start the project of Ruh feat. a Syrian aboard tour featuring the great MAias Alyamani for some concerts and after parties in Linz, Austria on the 24th, Gallneukirchen on the 25th and Vienna on the 27th
the Syrian links will perform again as well on the 26th in Waidhofen an der Thaya with a new set up to be announced later , and finally I’ll end this month as I started it in Vienna to go into the studio and record a soundtrack of a documentary movie composed by my friend Ulrich Drechsler !!
so if you are around one of those concerts then come and join us for a drink after, during or even before the show grin emoticon
Orwa Saleh