New Album with the Chameleons

Dear friends , I'm so happy to announce that with the beginning of this year 2016 I'm going into the studio to record the first album of the chameleon Orchestra , this wonderful project leaded by my friend Christian Wirth (the amazing violin player from Austria) will be touring this spring to promote the new album , joined by a number of my colleagues : Marcus Wall, Julian Gillesberger, Stephan Punderlitschek , Didi Hollinetz, Norbert Girlinger, Eberhard Reiter, Matthias Kronsteiner, Martina Wirth, Marco Palewicz, Uygar Cagli, David Halasz, Gerhard Reiter, Andreas Huber, Basma Jabr and my dear friend MAias Alyamani  

For more info and dates check the Chameleons website :D