Global Week For Syria

After performing in the wonderful city Tallinn, Estonia during the Tallinn music week presenting the global Week For Syria, I'm very happy to continue being part of this wonderful project in some additional concerts in Graz on the 22nd, Linz on the 24th and the 28th of April with the amazing projects Syrian Links and the Chameleon Orchestra .
Hundreds of artists from across the globe united with idea of Peace and Co-Creation will take part in the second edition of Global Week for Syria

The second edition of the Global Week for Syria will take place from April 17th to May 1st. This year Global Week for Syria worldwide is joined both directly with physical concerts and virtually by online #4Syria action by about 35 countries. Among countries hosting the Project performances, conferences, and talks this year there are Netherlands, UK, US, France, Austria, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Ukraine and Malawi.

On April 17th the festival starts in Beirut (Metro Al Madina), New York National Sawdust), and Berlin (Al-Hamra Cafe). On April 18th the big opening will be held in UNESCO Palace Beirut with Sonbola Chants Peace, accompanied by award winning Fayha Choir and guest of honor, Ahmad Qaabour, the concert will also feature Basmeh & Zeitooneh children choir.

Global Week for Syria is a multidisciplinary call for peace, support and co-creation. It is the project aimed at raising awareness, creating platforms and stimulating artistic co-creations between Syrian musicians and local/international musicians.

The international program of the Global Week for Syria includes:

• Music Festival in Beirut (LB); • Live Concerts, Fundraising Events and Conferences in The Netherlands, UK, US, France, Austria, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Canada, USA and other countries across the globe; • Over 100 Online Performances (#4Syria action); • Talks and Panel Discussions with scholars and cultural activists in Beirut (LB), Leiden (NL) and Oxford (UK). • Musical and Cultural Workshops in Beirut (LB); • Syrian Big Band Codarts Union Project that will take place on UNESCO’s International Jazz Day – The Hague, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam (NL)