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photo by Ali Douba

Orwa SAleh


A Syrian Oud player and composer based in Austria. Orwa was born in Damascus 1985, started his music education at an early age in the Syrian youth music school, later he moved to Beirut to study Oud with Charbel Rouhana at the Lebanese national conservatory, he finished his studies at the Syrian Higher Institute of Music - Arabic Music Department after five years of working with the master teacher Askar Ali Akbar.


Influenced by Jazz music and based on the classical Arabic music education ,Orwa started his career as an Oud player and composer performing worldwide with many Jazz and world music projects and finally moved Austria where he started his new project RUH “Contemporary Arabic Music” Performing with a number of an Austrian musicians and recording his first Album Raheel in 2014.





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by Ruh / Orwa Saleh

Album: Raheel 2014
Produced by Ruh.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Rabbit Hills Studio By Andreas Luger, Steyregg . Austria
All rights reserved 2014
Ruh: Orwa Saleh, Gerhard Reiter and Uygar Cagli
Guests: Basel Rajoub, Christian Wirth and Thomas Gansch
Photos: Raimund Kogler
Design: Rami Nader